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MacFarland Painting

Complete Video Case Study: MacFarland discusses his experience with Response Time, Managed Services, Business Growth, and the Allworx Phone System. (4:32)

MacFarland Case Study

Mr. MacFarland’s business needed a computer repaired. He looked for an IT company geared to support small businesses. MacFarland liked John’s quick response time and affordability.

New Communication System Reduces Headaches, Eliminates Delays, Results in More Sales

Next, he asked John Horger, owner of CJ Tech Solutions if he had an answer for juggling two busy cell phones. By the time MacFarland could answer voice mails, prospects had already moved onto the competition where they could get an immediate response. This cost him a great deal of lost business. John showed MacFarland how he could easily port his current cell number to an expandable and cost effective Allworx phone system. Incoming calls could be instantly routed from his office to any field technician for an immediate response. The new communications system has reduced headaches, eliminated response delays, and has resulted in more sales.

Using the Best of Technology to Expand Small Business

As MacFarland’s business continues to grow, so has his need for space, and salespeople. Once again CJ Technical Solutions was called upon to wire a newly leased office, for computers and phone lines. Within one day John had MacFarland’s new salesperson up and running. As MacFarland says, “I don’t know anything about IT. CJ Technical Solutions allows my small growing business to use the best of technology to maintain, and expand my business, minus the big price tag.”

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